38 weeks and Confused

Okay– here I am– final stretch! Our due date is only about a week away. Up until yesterday I haven’t felt any signs of labor. In fact, I thought this kid was totally going to stay in here forever and I’d have to go to college on his behalf. Well, today is the big solar eclipse and I’m starting to wonder if the change in the gravity pull from the moon might be pulling him out? Sounds crazy, I know. I heard it.

I haven’t really known whether I have been experiencing Braxton Hicks or  not. Whenever I talked to my doctor, she didn’t seem like she believed I was, she would just say, “You’ll know it when you feel it.” But… I don’t think that’s true. My stomach has been getting round and hard for weeks, but little to no discomfort. I’m guessing it was Braxton Hicks? Well, last night I noticed a few strange changes. Something just felt… different. Josh and I started timing them, they were spaced between 15-20mins apart. It didn’t seem like anything to worry about, but it did confirm that it must be Braxton Hicks. After the tightening, the baby would increase in his activity. It was a very confusing experience for me.

I woke up today and noticed the baby wasn’t as active. I counted kicks and we got to 10 within two hours, which is normal. However, this entire pregnancy we usually get to 10 kicks within 15 minutes. So our norm is slightly out of whack. I feel like he is sitting lower today, as well. Other than that, I don’t believe my water has broken, I haven’t seen “the show,” and my “contractions” have stopped. I am debating calling the doctor and having her see me today or just being patient and wait until my appointment tomorrow.

First time mom problems. Any advice?

Maternity Leave

We made it! We made it to the part I have most been looking forward to! (Besides meeting baby, of course!). I’m off work for 5 months. Woohoo! And not a minute too soon, I was definitely burning out between the pregnancy and lack of sleep. Note to self, never be this pregnant again in the summer! This is torture! I’m at that point where nothing fits me anymore, not even those cute maternity shorts I bought awhile back. Now I just wear my hubby’s tee-shirts and squeeze into my maternity shorts, then I call it a day. I spend the majority of my time with my swollen, shrek-like feet up on the couch or table… I’ll nap when I can! Usually my naps last about an hour, which is so totally awesome.

How do you get sleep? We don’t have air conditioning, I have two fans on me at night. Besides the heat, the limitation on sleep position is killing me, too. I wake up so sore after a night of sleeping. Any tips?

Family and friends are taking bets on when our lil guy will make his big debut. Our due date is August 31st, but I’m thinking he will hang in there until September 4-5th. Josh (real name, tired of calling him James) is thinking August 27th… my mom thinks he will come late, his mom thinks he will come early. It’s all just a waiting game at this point. As of last Friday, I wasn’t dilated whatsoever. Hopefully that’s a sign I am right!

Hello, Third Trimester

WOW! I’m already in the third trimester!

When I first found out I was expecting, I couldn’t wait to be in the third trimester where I knew I was in the clear from most things that can go wrong with pregnancy. Not only that, but the first trimester proved to be difficult with the “morning” sickness and what-not. The second trimester pushed me back up on my feet. I had energy! James and I were out and about! It was fantastic. Now, the third trimester has hit me like a stack of bricks. I’m tired. I’m achey. I’m hungry all the time. Nothing fits. Sometimes I just don’t feel attractive. I never sleep at night. I wake up to leg cramps almost every night! Yikes. I thought sleep went away after the baby is born… boyyyy was I wrong! I guess sleep is one of those things I can kiss goodbye.

Ohhh but believe me, I am glowing with anticipation to meet this little one! My friend just gave birth to her baby about three weeks ago. He is such a handsome little darling. It excites me and makes me even more eager for baby Oliver to be born!

Birthing Classes- Just Breathe

Before I begin, I would first like to shout to the world, WE MADE IT TO THE THIRD TRIMESTER!!!! This is what we’ve been waiting for! And now I’m exhausted and short of breath… phew.

With that out of the way…

Today was our first baby class. It was focused on breathing techniques and birthing. Boy, I thought I was dreading labor before! Next we have baby CPR and breastfeeding. So much information, I hope to retain it!

Oh, James is discovering things NOT to say to pregnant woman… allow me to share this with you…

Today, after only an hour of class we got a break. James said, “I almost fell asleep in there.” Well, that struck a nerve. Maybe hormones played their part, but I feel I wasn’t wrong to be upset. This is both our baby and I need him to be just as involved and show just as much interest. It’s part of the support I need. He now knows and understands why he shouldn’t have said that… I hope.

Next, I’m already sensitive about the weight I’ve gained. So when I weighed myself the other day and told him what the number was… he should never have said I weigh almost as much as he does. Just saying.

All-in-all, he has been extremely comforting and is doing a great job taking care of me. He will be such a wonderful, attentive father. ❤

No Added Responsibility

I realize I’m not writing as frequently as I had intended. Unfortunately, right before I learned I was pregnant I had this urge to be a mommy, so naturally I set out and adopted a puppy. A PUPPY!! What’s one of the worst things a pregnant woman can do? I know! I know! ADOPT A PUPPY! Major mistake adding responsibility to my life. A few weeks after I brought her home, I found out the awesome news that I am pregnant! (That’s not sarcasm!) I was ecstatic to learn that I am pregnant and I am still over-the-moon by it! Granted, I’ve gained a bazillion pounds, don’t recognize my body, and can’t quite move like I used to… I am still happy.

On that note! I am officially 25 weeks with 14 weeks left on the countdown! We cannot wait to meet baby Oliver! James and I are so excited! I had my doctor’s appointment today and everything checked out great. The baby’s heartbeat is strong and healthy and I’m growing to the size I should be each week. I am thankful for a healthy pregnancy, I know many women aren’t as fortunate so I want to make sure I never complain about this gift I’ve been given. Although, on the real ladies… it feels like an alien lives in my stomach. 🙂

21 Week Road Trip



James and I are travelers… We tend to get antsy when we feel like we’ve been stuck in the same place for too long, especially me! My cut-off time for flying is June 24th and I know I can’t get the time off for a baby moon. I’m saving all the time I can for maternity leave! 

We keep seeing these overwhelmingly beautiful photographs of the “superblooms” that Southern California has been having. We decided it’s now or never! We packed up the car and two good friends and hit the road. I was slightly skeptical of going on a road trip, it was three hours and I knew I wouldn’t have access to as many snacks as I might need and of course… the restroom. My friend is 8 months pregnant and shared the same sentiments. We stopped by the grocery store, overstocked ourselves with food and water, then headed off to the unknown.

When we reached our destination, it appeared that we missed the “Superbloom” by maybe a week or two. Most of the flowers were dying off. The rolling hills were covered in green grass that flowed in the wind. It was still beautiful and still worth the trip. It was serene. We took some maternity photos in the flower patch that we did find and it was a dream.

21 weeks and that may be our last “big” outing for awhile until after baby comes. We can’t wait to take baby Oliver on many adventures and show him the world!! 🙂

On the Move!


So many things to tell you!

On Friday, April 14th, we had our 20 week ultrasound. It has been confirmed– we are in fact having a boy! There’s no mistaking it! I’ve been set on having a girl, but ever since our 13 week ultrasound when she predicted boy, I’ve been preparing myself for this news. Over time I became so convinced it’s a boy, that if they said otherwise at our 20 week I would never believe them. We are over the moon! Luckily— boy clothes are definitely getting cuter.

Oh– I can’t forget this itty bitty bit of news! At exactly 18 weeks I started to feel the flutter feeling everyone was talking about. It was so strange and so distracting. I’m a working pregnant woman and I must admit, I am a very distracted worker. Luckily, my coworkers seem to understand it, (most have been there before).

At about 19 weeks, James was able to feel the baby’s little kicks and jabs! It all seemed to be happening so much earlier than most people experienced. I know, I know, everyone’s experience is different. But this seemed like it was earlier than most I have read/heard about! Now– this baby kicks up a storm! Part of me feels a constant relief whenever I feel him, but another part worries that he might be one active baby! He moved for 15 minutes straight one night around 9:30… I hadn’t had sugar and hadn’t recently eaten… I’ve noticed he tends to become very active around this time every night… Anyone know if this is a sign of an active baby?!

Yikes, I need to save my energy for this lil bugger! I nap all the time so hopefully that’s going to help!

I love this baby more than I thought possible and I haven’t even met him yet! ❤